It’s raining AGAIN!

3 May

I knew when I moved to Portland that the Pacific Northwest had lots of rain, but this year has been a bit much.

We’ve officially gotten rain on at least 150 days since October 1st, 2016. That’s when the rain year starts according to the weatherdudes.

And I don’t think that counts the days it’s snowed? I’m NOT a weatherdude. I do know that we had NINE snow days this school year. We get to be in school until the middle of June. And we lose all of the teacher in-service days too. That means no holidays except Memorial Day until the last day of school.

I don’t really mind the rain unless I have to be out in it. It’s getting harder to move after getting wet and cold. The joints just aren’t as useful as they used to be. So I’m spending more time inside this year. Definitely affecting my moods.

  • I’m grateful it’s supposed to get some sunshine and warmer later in the week. I could use some time to dry out my lilac’s roots.  I’m grateful I’ve kept track of the same umbrella for an entire winter season. NEVER let anyone borrow it! Not even the kids.  I’m grateful that even with the rain, it’s started getting warmer.

Night all. LOVES



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