May Day

2 May

The first of May used to be a holiday to celebrate Spring and rebirth. Now it’s used as a day to promote demonstrations, protests,  and violence.

I remember when I was a little girl, May 1st was one of my favorite days. It meant my birthday was soon and school would be out the end of the month. I remember making miniature May poles in elementary to bring home and show my mom. I would tell her how boys and girls used to dance and weave ribbons around the pole.

When I got older, I learned May 1st was a pagan holiday called Beltane. I’m not exactly sure how the holiday worked, but I knew it was a springtime celebration of renewal and rebirth. I’ve read that lots of crops were planted and blessed for a fruitful harvest and a good growing season.

Today, I heard about the May Day protests around the world. I haven’t learned why people picked today to protest. When I was trying to research online, all I would get was news articles about how many riots and the violence that was happening.

Here in Portland, there were many arrests. Protestors were throwing smoke bombs and other “nonlethal” rounds at police and into the crowd and damaging property. The police were throwing tear gas and their own “nonlethal” weapons into the crowd.

It just makes me sad that what started as a period to celebrate the rebirth of the earth has become just another excuse to hurt people.

  • Today I’m grateful I am a homebody. If I’m home, I’m not out in the violence. I’m grateful to have my bills paid. Normal first day of the month activity. I’m grateful for ice cream in the freezer. And to the pretty birds that delivered it.

Night all. LOVES


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