I love my children

1 May

During one of those many times when I was seeing a family therapist and talking about how much my children were driving me up the wall. I was going crazy. They were always fighting with each other. And trashing the house. And just generally being little cretins.

I told her how much of a bad mom I felt like because I didn’t like my kids. She told me 2 things that changed my outlook on parenting.

One was that I didn’t always have to like my kids. It was so good to have someone tell me that it was okay to be frustrated and annoyed with my kids.

The other thing she told me was to change what I was saying when I was mad at my kids. If I would say “I love my children” over and over until I wasn’t mad at them anymore, it would change my attitude about my kids. It would also let my kids know that I didn’t “hate” them.

Only now when my kids hear me mumbling “I love my children” over and over to myself, they tend to scatter because they know someone pissed off mom!

  • Today I’m grateful to not hate my children. I really dislike some of their behavior, but I always love them. I’m grateful to that therapist for telling me it was okay to not like my kids. I’m grateful that I love my children, I love my children, I love my children,…

Night all. LOVES


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