30 Apr

My grandsons are helping me tonight so it won’t be up to my usual.

Ever have a really great idea? You tell yourself to write it down so you don’t forget, but you forget to. And there goes another really great idea into the wild, blue yonder.

I did that this morning. Had something I wanted to talk about on my blog. But I didn’t write it down. I hate when that happens.

My rememberer isn’t what it used to be. And it really bothers me. I feel so overwhelmed and anxious about not being able to remember things I used to. I forget how to spell. I forget numbers. I forget appointments and to take my medication. I guess I’m thinking about it more because next week I’ll be older.

  • I’m grateful to remember what I do remember. I’m grateful for my electronic device to help me remember. I’m grateful that I started this blog to be able to go back and read stuff so I’ll remember it in the future.

Night all. LOVES


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