More questions

29 Apr

My attorney for my SSI claim called today. She wants to appeal. She feels that we can win. She said the judge didn’t follow procedure and that some of his statements in the decision could be argued against. What it all means is that it could be at least another year before this is finished.

I understand why so many people give up the fight. If I had to figure out how to pay my bills while all this is going on, I’m not sure what I would do.

It makes me understand why so many of the homeless have disabilities. I used to think they became disabled while on the streets. But most were disabled before they ended up on the streets.

I read an article today about our government wanting to cut more benefits for those people in the country who usually need it most. It also talked about what you should and shouldn’t be able to buy with food stamps and welfare benefits. And they’re trying to cut medical insurance for the chronically poor and needy.

Did you know that the first people to die in a catastrophe are the sick, infirm, really old, really young, and the dregs of society.

If a bear is running after you and a stranger, are you going to help each other or hope you run faster? I hope that I have enough courage to die with someone instead of leaving them behind. The really sad part, I can’t run any more.

  • I’m grateful that my attorney believes in me and my case. I’m grateful for Friday night. A weekend of binge watching NCIS, or the Abby and Ducky show, as my ex calls it. I’m grateful to have not seen rain today. I haven’t been outside though either.

Night all. LOVES


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