26 Apr

Yesterday I talked about paintings and movies to describe moments in time. There are also photographs, audio recordings and words.

I chose words to record my life and my thoughts about that life. Because while life is always changing, for one moment, I can record what happens using words to describe the pictures in my mind. And I figured as much as I enjoy the written words, I should choose that forum to share.

I enjoy the challenge of making paintings, movies, pictures and recordings come alive with just the arrangement of letters on a piece of paper. Or pixels on a screen.

Being able to give minute details to someone so they can see the same thing I see is my life’s greatest ambition. I hope I’m doing a good enough job.

  • Today I’m grateful for letters in a page, forming thoughts and ideas that can be shared with others. I’m grateful to make an instant connection with someone because they recognized the letters on my jacket. I’m grateful my sisters talked me into sharing my words with all of you.

Night all. LOVES


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