Time changes

26 Apr

I’m sitting here today with the heat going, under a woobie, having chicken noodle soup because I can’t get warm. It’s so cold, wet and dreary outside, it’s hard to tell that next week is May.

A year ago, I was bugging my landlord to have the maintenance guy come put my A/C unit in the window because it was so hot out! Last year, summer came early. This year, winter is staying late.

It all comes down to whatever happened yesterday, or the day before, or even the day before that, is NOT going to be the same as today, or tomorrow, or the day after that.

Life is not a painting hanging on the wall. Looking the same forever. It’s not a movie either. With pictures connected together and moving into a cohesive story. Because you can re-watch that movie time and time again and it stays the same. Life is a moving, breathing animal that is unpredictable. It can change in an instant. And we need to be adaptable to survive and stay with it.

  • I’m grateful for woobies and chicken soup to warm the inside and the outside. I’m grateful for the time I have. I’m grateful that no mater what, time changes everything. Nothing ever stays the same.

Night all. LOVES


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