25 Apr

Why is it when you mix flour, salt, sugar, egg, and water or milk together, pour it into this heated object that forms squares and let it turn toasty brown, it becomes something that is so amazing? And when you add butter and syrup, it becomes devine?

There is just something about waffles that changes the way you think about life. They make a rainy, cold and drizzly day just a bit more bearable. They make a frown turn into a smile. I think all world summit meetings should start with waffles. How can you be mad and threaten to throw bombs at each other when you’re licking syrup from your mouth and dabbing at your tie  with the napkin because you dribbled?

My mom’s philosophy when things were difficult, wash your face and comb your hair and things will be brighter. Mine is to make waffles.

  • I’m grateful that my cousin sent me a new waffle maker a while ago. It’s been well-loved. I’m grateful I received some outstanding buttermilk syrup mixes from Idaho for Christmas. Today’s selection was very berry. I’m grateful I have some real butter because it just makes the waffles so much better.

Night all. LOVES



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