24 Apr

I’ve tried very hard to make my home a haven to myself, my family and my friends. I don’t turn many away. And then only if they are too negative or rude. I feel everybody should get at least one chance to try to live up to their potential.

It doesn’t matter if my home was a house, an apartment, a trailer, tent, truck or car. Yes, I have lived in all of those at one time or another. If I had it, I would share.

I had my son’s other family here on and off visit for weekends because it’s easier and cheaper for parenting time to be done here instead if spending 4 hours on the road each way. It’s even been mostly enjoyable. They help with food and they clean up after themselves. And being Aunt Tracy to their child is an immense pleasure. I’ve taught him pop bottle bowling, flying paper airplanes and how to go down the slide by himself.

I’ve also made it a rule at my house that it is a neutral zone. I call it my Switzerland. It doesn’t matter how much you don’t like my other guests, you WILL be polite and civil to them. If you must fight, do it at least 3 blocks away from MY house! Most agree. Those that don’t, aren’t welcome back.

  • I’m grateful that I have made my house a place of comfort, rest and peace to all who enter my door. I’m grateful that the peace I attach to my home makes me feel peace also. I’m grateful that my son’s father cleaned the front room and did the dishes before he left today. It makes having a headache a little bit more bearable.

Night all. LOVES


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