Adulting is hard

23 Apr

Growing up and becoming an adult is the second hardest thing I’ve ever attempted. I say attempted because I’m not there yet. I still have some childish and immature things I do. Gotta stay young at heart somehow.

The hardest thing I’ve ever attempted is getting my children to adulthood. They aren’t there yet! One of these days I hope they get there.

The best thing my mom did to help me adult is she quit helping me fix my mistakes. She let me deal with the consequences of my actions. And when I got to that point where I started to adult, I quit asking and I wouldn’t let her help anymore.

The best feeling ever was the day I called my mom crying about something that was falling apart in my life and when she said she didn’t have any money right now, I was able to tell her I didn’t want money, I just wanted her to listen. Our relationship changed after that. She said I was growing up and she was proud of me!

My next birthday is less than 2 weeks away and I’m willing to admit I might be closer to adulting than I was last year. Isn’t that the goal as we age? To become an adult?

  • Today I’m grateful Carson’s dad made dinner. These weekends here for his parenting time are getting acceptable. I’m grateful that my youngest is NOT 2! Carson’s little brother is cute but I don’t have to chase him. I’m grateful I’ve become adult-ish. I stole that phrase off a shirt because it fits!

Night all. LOVES



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