It’s a week

21 Apr

It’s only Thursday and I am wishing this week would be over already. Just keep getting more rocks thrown into my pack labeled worries and stress. More bad news today.

I’ll deal with it because that’s what you have to do. But I’m not feeling peachy at the moment. I’m feeling a lot of  “This crap comes in threes! What’s next?” And I’m definitely not ready to hear about anything else.

What do you do when the things start to get piled on? I try so hard every day to find the positive, to keep a bright outlook, and to always find gratitude in whatever happens, but when does it ever get to be too much? When does the camel’s back actually get to that point when that last straw breaks it? You only hear about what happens after. But what and when is this one doable and the next one is too much? Because I’ll tell you what, I’d love to find out. Because I really don’t want nothing to do with that last piece of straw!

I know that I need to keep moving. Even if its only from side to side. As long as I’m not going back too far, its progress. I’m saying going back just a little bit is okay because sometimes you have to get a good run at that next step to get on top of it. I think I’m going to idle right here for a minute or two before I pick a direction.

  • I’m grateful I had my big umbrella today at the bus stop so I could shelter a bunch of second graders on a field trip. I’m grateful I had enough pennies to get something at the store that I unexpectedly needed. I’m grateful that even when everything is dark grey, it’s still not black.

Night all. LOVES


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