Dead batteries

20 Apr

The battery in my smoke alarm/O2 monitor is chirping at me! Has been for 2 days! I need to have the building maintenance guy come fix it because it’s hard-wired. WHY does a hard-wired alarm need a flipping battery that keeps dying! Are the batteries supposed to be replaced every year? Because they just changed this same one LAST YEAR!

On the other hand, my medical supply company just sent me TWO 9-volt batteries for my blood glucose monitor. Except it doesn’t USE 9-volt batteries. It uses those one that look like nickels. And I don’t think THEY need replaced yet.

I remember when the Energizer Bunny was always going and going and going. Do you know why they discontinued that campaign? Because people quit buying their batteries because the lasted forever! So now their batteries don’t last forever and you have to keep buying new ones.

And don’t get me started on my phone. I have become one of THOSE outlet people. You know the ones. They walk in a room and the first thing they do is scan for visible outlets. Then they walk the perimeter looking for the hidden outlets. Usually with a cord and a plug in their hand. I have seen some outlet people sit in front of the outlet and guard it from any newcomers. “This is my outlet and I ain’t sharing!” Doesn’t matter that they have room for more than just their own. Or there are the ones who look daggers at you because they think you might steal their phone. I solved that problem by buying a 10 foot cord. I can pretty much sit just about anywhere and be within reach of an outlet.

I worry about that time when there won’t be any outlets or batteries available. What will we do then?

  • I’m grateful I found a 10 foot charging cord for my phone so I can feed it when it’s hungry. Which seems to be quite often! I’m grateful to get the maintenance request in tonight. Maybe he’ll come fix it tomorrow or Friday. I’m grateful to have been in 2 different and very diverse meeting today. Really goes to show that there are many, many types of people in the world!

Night all. LOVES


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