It’s Monday

18 Apr

Today started out extra early. I woke up around 4am with a nightmare/drug dream and a headache. I’ve been having a few of those types of dreams lately. They seem to come in clusters. I hope I’m through this bunch.

Carson didn’t sleep well either and he had stomach trouble this morning so he was home from school. He spent the day in his room, except for meals.

Because he was upstairs all day, and I couldn’t leave him home alone, I decided today was a good day to do laundry. Maybe some exercise would help my headache go away.

Laundry in the middle to the end if the month IS exercise! I have a little 3 gallon bucket with an agitator in the bottom. It holds about 2-3 shirts, depending on whose shirts. Although, if my child keeps growing, he ain’t gonna have little shirts. You change the water by hand(dump the bucket in the tub and refill) for every load. I also have a spinner that gets most of the water out of the clothes. The clothes get hung up to dry on hangers in all the doorways and on the shower rods. They are mostly dry now, but will be completely dry my morning.

Then this evening a friend of mine from church brought me a planter for my lilac. And she took me to the store to by some dirt. On the way to the store, we passed a gravel pit so we stopped and picked up a bunch of little rocks for the bottom. Two old ladies and a teenager bent over alongside the road picking up rocks must have been an interesting sight to see!

So my lilac is planted and I’m going to bed. Have a doctor’s appointment in the morning.

  • I’m grateful my lilac is planted tonight. I’m hoping to channel my mom and not let it die. I’m grateful my upstairs smells like a clothesline. I live that smell. I’m grateful to my friend for all she does for me. She even drives me to church every Sunday!

Night all. LOVES


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