Bad news

18 Apr

I received some bad news today about something I was looking forward to. I knew I shouldn’t expect it, but I did anyway. So it sucks when it’s not going to happen.

Why do we as humans do that? We set expectations and then get bummed when life doesn’t live up to them.

I realize that having a positive mental outlook is a good thing, but am I taking it too far? Do I have too much of a Pollyanna attitude? Sometimes I just don’t want to keep looking on the bright side or keep a stiff upper lip. Sometimes I just want to break something! Or rant and rave about how unfair my life seems at the moment!

Today I can’t even get a good raving rant going. I just don’t have enough steam. So I’ll just dream about a giant carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! Can’t afford to have one! It isn’t good for me anyway!

  • Today I’m grateful that I have food in the house. Even if it’s not exactly what I want. I’m grateful that my house didn’t fall down around me. Even I’m not that bad off. Yet! I’m grateful to find something to smile about this evening. I’m watching my youngest try to rub his head and pat his belly. And vice versa. Gotta go practice now.

Night all. LOVES


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