16 Apr

We have an interesting bedtime routine. Once he’s gotten his pj’s on and is laying in bed, I go in and cover him up. Then I sit next to the bed, and rub his head. Using playing John Denver on YouTube. Once in a while, we add some Johnny Cash  or nurse rhymes into the mix. The Ants Go Marching is a favorite choice.

Although I tend to get annoyed at the stalling of bedtime by changing blankets, music or whatever he can think of to change, I really wouldn’t change it. Sometimes he talks to me about things he’s struggling with. Or just things he’s thinking about. Those things it’s easier to talk about when the lights are off and we’re not really looking at each other. You know, the important things.

I’ll miss that quiet time with each other when he decides he’s too old for it anymore. Because I don’t plan on quitting yet. It stood out that last night when I was the Meanest Mom Ever and he didn’t even want me in his room at bedtime how much I’ve come to depend on that time together. He has too. Neither of us slept very well. And on the nights that we follow the routine, he falls asleep much faster.

I don’t remember the last time I rocked him to sleep it was so long ago. I like to think that this is a good substitute for my 6 foot tall child in a young man’s body. I’m going to hang on to it as long as possible.

  • Tonight I’m grateful that he still let’s me “sing” him to sleep. I’m grateful for that quiet time to end our days. I’m grateful that he enjoys listening to one of my favorite artists as calming music.

Night all. LOVES


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