The Meanest Mom Ever!

15 Apr

I’ve been named the Meanest Mom Ever again this week. I quit counting how many times one of my boys tell me that. If you have kids and you haven’t been called the Meanest Mom Ever, then you aren’t doing your job right.

My youngest has bestowed it on me this time because I took his phone away and grounded him. He came home late and didn’t call or answer the phone when I called him. He didn’t have a really good reason either.

I’ve found that it doesn’t really matter what the offense is, if they feel I’m being unfair, I become the Meanest Mom Ever. Usually in the heat of the moment though. It changes once he’s had time to cool off. After not talking to me at all last night and giving me the cold shoulder this morning, he came in after school and said he understands why I took the phone away. I about fell over.

It’s such a great feeling when you realize that even if you’re the Meanest Mom Ever one day, the next you will probably be back to the normal How Much Do You Love Me Mom. She’s the one who grants favors or gets something for the child. But more about her another day.

  • I’m grateful I was able to follow through this morning and not let him have the phone back. I’m grateful that he seems to understand that I DO love him and only want the best for him. I’m grateful it’s Friday night. The week is over.

Night all. LOVES


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