Grant reading is tough

14 Apr

Today has been spent reading grant applications. It’s tedious. You have to be able to stay objective from the first to the last even though they are written by different projects for different outcomes. The only thing they have in common is that they are asking for money to continue their chosen projects. Some are better written. Some are cookie cutter fill in the appropriate blank jobs. All are trying to improve the lives of others.

I skimmed through each one to see what the project is. Then read through it again to see if all the requirements are met. Then read through it again to get your final impressions, taking notes. Then I get to score each on it merits.

It’s hard to not judge project A to project B and so forth. Some put so much effort into their applications and some just did the bare minimum of effort.

As I do this, I understand why the students I know who are applying for college grants are so nervous all the time. They have people like me reading them.

This is my first year. Everyone gets to have a first year. I hope those who have been on the decision committee are forgiving of my blunders, but still be willing to listen to my input. That is why they always use a group to make these decisions. Everyone thinks differently. I’m hoping my thoughts and impressions are useful to the process. Because now my head hurts.

  •  I’m grateful to be able to be on this end of the process because after reading all day, I hope I can learn to do better on the grant writing end. I’m grateful I read so much and can recognize the same ideas from different writers. I’m grateful I have the time to put in the effort I feel this process needs.

Night all. LOVES


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