The day after

12 Apr

I had such a good time yesterday. I was busy all day. I had a therapy appointment followed by a yoga class. And because I was the only one who showed, it was a personalized one-on-one class! Then I stopped at the library on the way home. I needed to use a real computer to file my city tax exemption. My phone isn’t compatible with the system.

I had lunch when I got home. And took an hour nap before my Resident Advisory Committee meeting. Came home and fixed my always hungry teenager a late night snack before bed.

I actually was happy I accomplished everything I set out to do when the day started.

And then I woke up today. Every thing hurts! I expected that because I was way more busy than I’ve been in a while. But it’s way more severe than I expected. And I’m freezing! I’m on the couch with a heavy comforter and the heat going, but I can’t get warm! My lunch doesn’t want to stay in either. Just feeling miserable.

Now how can I explain to a caseworker that this happens more often than not, usually not as bad, after a day of work? I’ve been trying for a why to tell case workers, lawyers, and social security judges that this has become my normal life. I’ll have one or two really good days where I get a lot accomplished, then I’m down for at least a day. I knew last night it was going to be painful today, so I took some Tylenol before bed and some more as I woke up. But it’s NOT helping. I’m just to the point if hoping for a better day tomorrow.

  • I’m grateful for warm comforters when woobies just don’t cut it. I’m grateful I knew to prepare for a bad day. Even if I wasn’t expecting the intensity of it. I’m grateful I have the opportunity to have a bad day in peace. Now I think I’m going to crawl back under the warmth covering me and pray for summer’s heat. Yes, I DO know I’ll regret it in a couple of months time.

Night all. LOVES


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