11 Apr

Pollen is one of those double-edged swords in life. On one hand, it is required for plant to grow, giving us food, beauty and oxygen. It is also a measly little speck that makes me miserable for most of the month of April.

Yeppers, my allergies are awake and making themselves known with a vengeance. I have a roll of toilet paper next to my bed, my couch, and an extra one in the bathroom just for my nose. I feel  like I just want to go by the brew pub down the street to permanently borrow some of the corks they use for decorating purposes to plug up my nose.

My allergies also make it hard to breathe and my skin feels itchy everywhere. I can’t lie down to sleep because it sets my nose off again.

And did you know you can’t sneeze and cough at the same time. Even if you want to. Can’t really do anything while sneezing! It’s like it takes over your body and it says, “I am the boss and we’re doing it my way!”

Good thing I already have a checkup scheduled for tomorrow morning. I can ask for some allergy medicine.

  • I’m grateful for the sunshine and rain today. Even if it helps the plants grow and make more pollen. I’m grateful to get to the grocery store today. Shopping for groceries at the stop-n-rob up the street gets expensive quickly. I’m grateful I have plenty of tp this month. It’s cheaper than Kleenex.

Night all. LOVES



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