Spring can hurt

8 Apr

It’s springtime. Spring means things are starting to thaw and grow. They’re waking up and changing. Plants, animals, even humans. Even THIS human.

I’ve decided I need to change some things. I want to try to walk around the block without stopping and still be able to breathe. I want my house to be empty of clutter and broken junk and ANYTHING I DON’T NEED! I’ve even decided some books need to find new homes!

But all this change is challenging and it’s hard. My psyche is having conniption fits. I don’t do change well. My kids are having conniption fits because I’m dragging them with me kicking and screaming.

I know that taking the Band-Aid off slowly will hurt, but ripping it off quickly will hurt for far less time. And I’ve been a ripper for a while now. But I only do a few Band-Aids at a time so I might look a little blotchy for a while! I hope the pain will be quick and it will all be worth it.

  • I’m grateful all the pots and pans are clean and I have a crock pot full off roast on the counter. I’m grateful I have my kids even though they might not love me very much at the moment. I’m grateful for Spring and new beginnings.

Night all. LOVES


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