Setting goals

7 Apr

Anyone who has ever set a goal knows that the first step is figuring out what to do first to reach that goal. Sometimes that first step is the hardest part to nail down.

I am on the Resident Advisory Committee for the housing authority here in Portland Oregon. As part of that, I’m on a committee workgroup working on communication. Residents to the housing authority office, the office to residents, the office to funding, and everything in between.

We are basically starting from scratch because the way they communicate now is outdated and difficult to navigate to the right department or person to help you solve your needs. We meet every month the week before the main committee meeting. So far we’ve come up with three avenues that we would like to accomplish. We want to figure out who is using housing and what are the basic needs that residents would be contacting the office for. Another is to figure out who the right person to talk to is in the big scheme if things. The third is to collect stories of clients who would be willing to share their experiences, good and bad, with the housing authority to help implement change and to help generate revenue. Because change and revenue are the driving forces of any company. And the housing authority is a company. If you would like to share your story, let me know.

While all this is going on, I’m also working in a personal goal. I want to get up to 10,000 steps a day without killing myself. Right now I can get about 2 blocks before I need to slow down, stop or rest. As it gets warmer and drier, I’m hoping to gradually increase my distance and endurance.

I guess the first step is to figure out how, when, and where I should and could walk. I know that right now, I’m still in the contemplation stage. But really close to the action stage. The weather is the biggest factor to being in the action stage.

  • I’m grateful for the opportunity I have to work with these people on a subject I feel strongly about. If someone doesn’t have safe, affordable housing, they generally can’t climb out of whatever hole they happen to be in. I’m grateful to be learning about what I can accomplish and be able to affect change. I’m grateful that I have a goal and just need to fine-tune the details.

Night all. LOVES


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