I missed one!

5 Apr

I missed a day yesterday! I guess some days it just happens. I have no excuse other than forgetfulness. And I have a killer headache today! I woke up with one yesterday too. I’m hoping it’s springtime allergies.

So I guess I’ll do twice the gratitude now. Still not feeling well and it’s hard to think. Tomorrow we’ll return for our regularly scheduled blog. Thanks for understanding.

  • I’m grateful for Tylenol. I’m grateful to have heavy blinds on my windows. I’m grateful I have food in the cupboard to feed my child. He might not be happy with it, but his tummy will be full. I’m grateful to remember today. I’m grateful to get this list done now so I can crawl back under the blanket away from the bright light. I’m grateful that there’s another day to come so I can start over.

Later all. LOVES


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