Spring break is over

4 Apr

Today was the first day back to school after a week off for Spring Break. I guess it went as well as could be expected. The child calls me at 2:30 saying he’s sick and wants to come home. I told him he had to stay at school because by the time I found someone who could come get him, he would be getting on the bus to come home anyway.

Just got an email from the teacher saying that he was refusing to do something at school. Guess what time it was? Yeppers. About 2:30! I had hoped for at least one day without an issue at school!

He’s gotten really upset lately about going to school. He doesn’t like his teacher. He doesn’t like his classes. He doesn’t like any of the kids in his class. He’s just miserable.

And when I tell him he has to stay in school, he comes back with “Dad dropped out! Jeffrey(brother) dropped out! Joshua(other brother) dropped out. And they are all doing okay. Except they really aren’t. How do I get him to see that? How do I get him to realize that school is important? I don’t expect him to love school. But I do expect him to go and to do what is asked of him without a bunch if attitude. I guess consistency is the best thing to do.

  • I’m grateful for the nice day today. I’m grateful my new screen for the door came today. It looks so much nicer that the old ratty one. I’m grateful that he is still mostly listening to me about the importance of staying in school.

Night all. LOVES


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