Old Mother Hubbard pasta

1 Apr

After the stressful week I’ve had, today is going to be a simple recipe. And by recipe, I tell you what I did so you can change it up how you like it.

I started with a pound of pork sausage that I crumbled and fried in a little oil, because sausage ALWAYS sticks until it starts to cook. When it was browned, I added a big can of diced tomatoes, some sriracha, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, dehydrated onions and some pepper. I didn’t measure. Sorry. I just sprinkled until it looked like enough. I brought it up to a simmer and lowered the heat, letting it simmer for 30 minutes. Then tasted it. It needed more garlic and pepper. I didn’t put any salt in it because I heavily salted the water I was going to cook the macaroni in.

When the salted water in the other pot came to a boil, I added a pound of elbow macaroni, and cooked it until done.

I drained the macaroni and poured the sauce over top with a block of cream cheese. I stirred it until the cheese was melted and then it was time to eat.

I got the idea from a thing my mom used to make when I was a kid called macaroni, hamburger and tomatoes. That’s what it was because that’s all that was in it. Sometimes with salt and pepper. She always added chopped onions and garlic to the hamburger when she browned it.

I added the cream cheese because it needed to be eaten. The date on it was the 28th. I have one more block in the fridge to use soon. I might go get some bagels tomorrow.

I’m sorry this doesn’t have better details of how much I used. I was winging it today. Still trying to sleep normally.

  • Today I’m grateful I had something to make something good to eat with. I’m grateful that it’s Friday and Spring Break is almost over. I’m grateful for the abnormal Oregon Spring Break day. IT DIDN’T RAIN!

Night all. LOVES


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