Sleep study adventure

30 Mar

I thought a sleep study was where someone studied how you slept to help determine how you can sleep better. Well my experience is there is no way they can figure out how I sleep because I didn’t do much sleeping!

I got to the hotel at 8 pm but because I don’t usually go to sleep until later, I got to read until 9:30. Yes, I WAS in a hotel room with cable and HBO and I didn’t even turn the TV on! At 9:30, my technician started to wire me up. I lost count at 20. Plus the oxygen monitor and the things up my nose to make sure I was breathing. The most uncomfortable situation I’ve ever been in! And I got caught by my husband’s family getting it on while sleeping on his mother’s front room floor! That was pretty uncomfortable. Last night with all those wires was way worse!

So I finally got in bed around 10:30. It took a really long time to set up all those wires! I had to sleep on the wrong side of the bed because that’s where the other end of those wires hooked to. I KNOW you have a right side and a wrong side to your bed.

I’m supposed to try to sleep in my back. I do not sleep on my back. It’s hard to breathe and I always feel like I’m practicing for my coffin. I do get to turn my playlist on my phone on. My playlist for sleeping is about 20 songs long that on any normal night, I never hear the last few songs because I’m asleep before then. Not last night! I just laid there. Not sleeping! Just thinking. Trying not to knock anything off because he would have to come in and wake me up to put it back on.

After the last song finished, I finally just rolled over and tried to get SOME sleep. But nope, not gonna happen. Because THEN, I needed to pee! And to go to the bathroom required unhooking all those wires from the wall and carrying the ones dangling off me like a leash! Because they can’t get wet. I would have to come back on a different night and do this crap again! So I sit there as long as possible hoping the urge will just go away! But it just wasn’t my night. Another 20 minutes unhooking and rehooking up all those wires. And I’m going to try again to get some sleep. It’s about 1 am! I’m tired! I just want to go to sleep but it seems to be a night for insomnia to visit. And I can’t get up and do something to take my mind off of it.

I think I finally fell asleep around 2:30 or so. I know the playlist went all the way through AGAIN! My last thought was “COOL! I might get 4 hours sleep!”

NOPE! Someone knocked some wires loose in the middle of the night! So I get to wake up with some stranger leaning over me with a bright light attached to his forehead! Talk about triggering all your tweaker nightmares!

At 6 am, he wakes me up again and says, “We’re done here. Let’s get you unwired. We need to be out of the room by 7!” ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME! I don’t even get to sleep in a little after being up all night!

After he’s done and I get my shower to wash all the goop off of me, I’m finally ready to leave. I’m going home to take a nap!

  • I’m grateful I was able to do the sleep study. Hopefully it gives them enough data because I’m NOT doing another one! I’m grateful the hotel offers free breakfast. It makes up for NOT having access to the pool and sauna. I think both of those would help people sleep better. I know I’m always tired after swimming. I’m grateful my child was up before the sunshine to drive me home. I really wasn’t looking forward to a bus ride home in the rain after I miserable night’s sleep. I’m going back to bed now.

Night all. LOVES


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