Where I sit

29 Mar

I’m sitting here in the downtown library writing tonight because it didn’t take as long as the Trimet app said it would to get across town for my appointment tonight. I don’t mind the library. I want to live in a library!

But it seems to be the only place where someone can sit and kill some time without being asked continually for my spare change. I don’t have any. Or I have to buy something. See above. I’m broke. Or freezing my fingers off or getting wet. I actually had someone at one place tell me they would rather not do business with the homeless population. I’m not homeless. I just need a half hour to sit somewhere.

No wonder so many feel disenfranchised by society. If I feel like I’m not wanted somewhere when I DO have somewhere to go, I can imagine how someone feels when they don’t.

I’m not perfect. I ignore people all the time. I even go so far as to tell people to go away. But I don’t do it because of how much money they have or what they look like. I do it because I’m peopled out. I’ve had enough peopling for the day. I usually reach that point by noon. Being out after 7pm is really stretching my easygoing peopling abilities. But I’ll keep trying.

  • I’m grateful to have somewhere to go. I’m grateful I remembered the library was open. I’m grateful to see how others are treated and work on not being like that myself.

Night all. LOVES


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