A quiet day

27 Mar

When I woke up this morning, I had a nasty headache. I really dislike waking up with a headache that I had when I went to sleep. Especially when there are many causes and nothing seems to relieve it. I’m taking Tylenol alternating with ibuprofen. Just barely relieving the pain.

I think I might be losing another tooth. It’s been hurting for a couple of days. I know that is one reason for my headache. I started a new medication this weekend and that might be giving me a headache as a side effect. I’ll call the doctor tomorrow and ask. I’m also dealing with lots of family drama that causes stress which usually gives me a headache. These are just some of the reasons I might have a headache.

So I’ve been hanging out in my darkened room all day listening to YouTube. I’ll start playing something and turn the phone over so I’m not watching it. Learning lots about the English monarchy. The light from the phone seems to aggravate my headache. My child is at his father’s for the week so my day has been very quiet and unstressful. Maybe THAT part of my headache will go away.

  • I’m grateful for orajel to numb the tooth pain for a while. I’m grateful for Tylenol and ibuprofen for their anti-inflammatory and pain relieving abilities. I’m grateful for YouTube to occupy my mind so it doesn’t wander and stress.

Night all. LOVES


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