Whatchagot fail? Part 2

26 Mar

The other day, I wrote about making a crock pot of chicken vegetable soup. And how much I wasn’t impressed with it. I felt it lacked something but I couldn’t figure out what it was.

I think because I used boneless, skinless chicken breasts it didn’t get enough flavor of chicken. There was no bones or skins to give substance to the soup. And I used water instead of stock or bouillon because  I didn’t have any. And it really needed it. Lesson learned. I need to buy some bouillon next month.

So I decided to redo my stew. I made a chicken and dumplings pie. I took the idea from the biscuit bake I made a week or so ago. I made a batch of biscuits, mixed the dough with the stew and put it all in a greased pan and baked it for about an hour. I checked at 30 minutes, but it was still raw in the middle. Let me say that with some pepper, garlic powder,  and some sriracha, it was pretty delicious. I’m happy with it!

The only problem I have now is that my kids didn’t come to visit like they said they were. So I have leftovers! Guess I know what I’m eating tomorrow! For breakfast, lunch, AND dinner! Yeah me!

  • I’m grateful today to know that if I keep trying, I will accomplish something good. I’m grateful to be in my pj’s, eating a big bowl of warm comfort food, while watching the LDS Women’s Conference this evening. That’s my idea of Heaven! I’m grateful that I have food to whine about not liking. There are many who will die from hunger tonight.

Night all. LOVES


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