Mental illness sucks

25 Mar

I went to see my psychiatrist today. What started as a general check-in became a session on learning how my past is affecting my present. My PTSD and past trauma is shaking itself and letting me know he is awake and still there, waiting to torment me some more. She thinks that is what’s going on with my nightmares, disturbing thoughts, and general agitation.

She has prescribed a new medication. We’re hoping it helps to calm the nightmares and in turn, will help me get some sleep. That should help me deal with the rest of my day better.

I also have my rescheduled sleep study evaluation on Monday. It’s to decide if I need an actual sleep study overnight.

Maybe all this will help me sleep better. It might even help the insomnia.

  • Today I’m grateful to have the medical insurance to see a mental health professional who has my best interests in mind. Today I’m grateful my child made it to his father’s house for Spring Break. I’m grateful to have this time for some self care.

Night all. LOVES


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