My day as a lobbyist

23 Mar

This morning I boarded a bus in Portland to take me and 50 of my newest friends to Salem for a housing alliance lobbyist day. We were going to plaster the capital building, and those who work in it, with information and personal stories about why affordable housing is an important thing to support. There are several bills on the floor in both houses that will determine housing laws in the very near future.

I met so many people today. I met one who has been on the streets for years and is only in housing because she needed medical care. I met one who is trying to help her clients find affordable housing so they can work on mental health and drug and alcohol issues. I met another who just purchased a home with a grant from the state for first-time buyer’s.

I was able to tell my senator’s aid my story about my journey to housing. I was able to sit in on a meeting with my state representative as she talked about making a law about giving buyer’s a break on a filing fee so it would be cheaper. Then the extra money would be used for the next guy to buy a house.

I was able to watch a legislative session and listen to people who talk and bluster for a living. And I was able it take a short catnap in a chair that had been used by someone in Congress. I think that was my favorite thing. My but got to fall asleep where some legislative representative’s but also fell asleep!

I was able to play tourist in the state capital building. It was my first time being there. The only thing I didn’t get to go was to slide down the rails edging the grand staircase. The security guys were pretty insistent about that being a no-no! SIGH!

  • I’m grateful for the opportunity to listen and learn today. I’m grateful to be able to share my experience, strength and hope to people who can change the world a little bit at a time. I’m grateful the guys talking to their sleeves were pretty chill about my extracurricular activities.

Night all. LOVES


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