Why is it censored?

22 Mar

Been an interesting YouTube day. Started out watching a video about censorship. And I just watched an episode of one of the first shows that pushed the censorship envelope.

This morning’s video was about YouTube censoring lots of LGTBQ+ creator content. I don’t understand why their stuff is being censored? I’ve seen some of it. It’s not that bad. I would let my child watch. Some, I should probably make him watch so we can talk about it. ¬†Especially when they aren’t censoring some stuff that definitely should be.

The video I watched tonight was from Archie Bunker. One of the most politically incorrect shows ever made. I remember watching it with my parents and when they talked about something that I didn’t quite understand, I was told, “you’ll understand when you get older.” Now that I’m older and can understand it, I have to wonder how they got it past the censors.

The thing about both videos is they make you think. You think about why it’s censored? Why it shouldn’t be censored? Why is one okay now, but wasn’t then and vice versa?

Television, movies, videos, and other viewing media all have a purpose. To entertain and inform. I understand that some people’s entertainment is different from mine. (I have a friend who loves scary movies. Me, not so much.) But that doesn’t give me the right to say the scary movies are wrong.

I have my beliefs system. You have yours. I won’t tell you how to do your stuff if you don’t tell me how to do mine. I will tell you to investigate, pay attention, and really think about what you’re watching and what your children are watching.

  • I’m grateful to have grown up at a time when thinking was a good thing. I’m grateful to be alive at a time when I can discover new things to think about. I’m grateful for the opportunity to change and grow.

Night all. LOVES


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