The lucky minority

21 Mar

I’m one of the few people here in Portland that has subsidized housing. That means that no matter how much my rent is, I pay around a third of my income for rent. I’m very grateful to have it.

Working on my housing committee, I have learned that the city needs an additional 25,000 or so subsidized and affordable housing units at least to take care of the population that is in imminent danger of being homeless or are homeless. That is not counting those that pay more than 30% of their income for housing costs. Those are some staggering numbers.

As a person in housing, I get to have a few rules. I get inspections about every year by the housing authority. The owners, as well as all the management company, can also do inspections. And they very seldom are at the same time. I also have a yearly recertification appointment to make sure I still qualify to live here.

The management company runs my building as a clean and sober community. That means I need to NOT drink or use. My company can’t drink or use. They can also have me give random UA’s. I don’t mind. I haven’t done anything to worry about.

I feel that these minor issues are okay to deal with to keep a roof over our heads. Even when there is extra work needed to follow these rules.

  • I’m grateful to have a warm and cozy home to keep me and my family dry and safe. I’m grateful to my middle child for running me around today to get the documents I needed for my recertification appointment today. I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to live in housing. Especially when so many others have nowhere to go.

Night all. LOVES


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