Facebook thoughts

16 Mar

Have you ever posted anything on Facebook and gotten an unexpected reaction to what you posted? Have you ever seen something inflamed you and you just had to say something about it. Or you were so impressed by what others had said, you had to add your two cents worth? Why is it when on Facebook, people will say things to someone who they would never say to them in person? It’s NOT anonymous. Your name and a picture are right there for the world to see. Why must people post things and then get upset that their “secret” isn’t a secret anymore?

I know that I have done all of the above. I’m not a saint. But I will say that I’ve gotten better at using my internal filter. I try to only say things that I would say to someone’s face. I’ve gotten better at not putting my dirty laundry on Facebook. I’ve realized that facebook is a social media site. It’s NOT private. Anybody and everybody can and will see it sooner or later. And most likely comment. And the comments could possibly be mean, nasty and totally unfair. And the people commenting most likely not care that they’ve hurt your feelings or made you cry or made you feel less than.

If you post on a public site, always be prepared for the feedback. It’s awesome when it’s positive but remember it could be negative.

  • I’m grateful that my Facebook filter is growing everyday. I’m grateful that I’ve learned try to only post the positive or at least the truth. I’m grateful to know that what I post on your page is usually what I would say to you in person.

Night all. LOVES


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