13 Mar

My head and my heart are hurting today. I have way too many emotions close to the surface and they are leaking all over my floor. Feelings like today’s always helped my decision to use back in the day because using made the feelings go away. I’m trying to do things differently now. But finding new coping skills isn’t very helpful all the time. Especially because using coping skills doesn’t make the feelings go away or mask them. You still get to feel them. Which still sucks. But I will continue to carry on today. I will continue to stay clean and sober. And I will continue to survive.

  • Today I’m grateful I’ve been sober for long enough to be okay with some difficult decisions I’ve made. I’m grateful to be able to open up about some things to those who really needed to hear a different perspective. I’m grateful it’s warm enough to have the door open to watch the rain. The rain helps wash away the traces of my tears.

Night all. LOVES


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