Dreams aren’t real

13 Mar

I haven’t decided which is worse, the using dreams or the ones where I’m hanging out with people I once knew. The good and the bad ones. Usually together. They both bring up scary and sad feelings when I wake up. But for very different reasons. The using dreams are sad because I lately, I always have to check to see if I really snuck out without me knowing and did something I don’t want to do. The people dreams are sad and scary because I really don’t want to wake up because they’ll go away and because I’m trying so hard to stay asleep, I always have a headache. Or I’ll be reliving a part of my life with someone I really don’t want to relive THAT part of my life with. THOSE ones are super hard! I wake up in a cold sweat and I can’t breathe! And the last 2-3 days, they’ve all been at the same time all jumbled up together. I’ll start out with a good dream that morphs into something else entirely different. Those are the ones that get me. It’s just so devastating. Almost like losing them all over again.

The only thing about dreams that I always try to remember is that they ARE DREAMS! THEY AREN’T REAL!

  • Today I’m grateful I woke up and the dream wasn’t real. I’m grateful for a great day at church. I’m grateful to be in the sunshine today.

Night all. LOVES


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