12 Mar

Have you ever sat looking at a blank page and thought, I’ve done so much stuff today, I’m not sure which thing to write about? Yeah, today isn’t that day! I’ll just see what appears.

I woke up and got ready to take my child to a doctor’s appointment. Yes, on a Saturday! Whoever would have thought doctors would work on Saturday? I mean, way back when, they worked every day. They even came to YOUR HOUSE! But a Saturday appointment was cool because that means no missing school. Needless to say, the child wasn’t a happy camper about it. And he didn’t get to sleep in either! Double whammy! AND, the only thing wrong with him is he’s got pimples in his hairline because he needs to shower and wash his hair more.

While at the doctor’s, we picked up our prescriptions. Not only is the doctor working on a Saturday, but they’ve put a pharmacy inside the office. And it’s open on Saturday too! Bonus! No driving to another store in the rain.

We stopped for egg mcmuffins on the way! I never realized how many calories one of those suckers are! Not having another one very soon! Half my days allotment all at once. And now I’m hungry! But it’s not dinnertime yet. SIGH!

When we came home, all the kids scattered their separate ways and with a quiet house, except for the noisy neighbors outside my window, I was able to take a peaceful nap. And IT was only an hour or so. Not all day like usual when I NEED a nap. This sleeping/not sleeping deal sucks!

So now I’m sitting here praying for dinnertime because I’m starving! And writing my blog that I didn’t think was going to be written because I couldn’t think of anything to say because I hadn’t done anything today. Guess I DID do something.

Grateful to NOT have to ride the bus in the rain this morning! Grateful there’s nothing wrong with the child. It’s all in his head. Grateful there’s only 2 hours until dinnertime. I could have to wait until tomorrow because I have nothing else to eat today.

Night all. LOVES


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