Working with others well

10 Mar

Getting a late start writing tonight because I’ve been busy. I had a workgroup meeting/dinner for my resident committee followed by a lecture by Matthew Desmond about his book Evicted.

The lecture was great! I just took an extra anxiety pill as I walked in the door and I went straight to my seat. I was in the lower balcony (way high up! GULP!) And in the middle (people all around me! Double gulp!)  When it was over, I waited for the crowd to clear a bit and got out. I laughed with a lady I was with that I’m like a cockroach. When the lights come on, I disappear.

In the workgroup, there are multiple personalities and trying to get all to stay on one agenda is difficult but not really impossible. Yet!

I have the issue with the DVD people I’m trying to solve. I am getting into a similar situation with my internet company. Their customer service needs work. There’s the guy on the bus who wanted to be really close and the guy on the street corner who wanted to take me out for a beer, but wanted me to buy the beer!

All these interactions involve dealing with people in one form or another. And I don’t people well. I like to stay home in my space, with my things, and no extra people around. Especially people I don’t really know well. Needless to say, my anxiety was extra high all night. Hence the extra anxiety pill at the beginning of the lecture. But I also know that some peopling is required in this world. Mostly because I can’t afford to be a recluse and let other people do my peopling for me.

I’m proud of me tonight. I didn’t go home early. I interacted with others. (I hope appropriately). And I made it home in one piece.

  • I’m grateful to have went to a function I knew was going to be stressful. I’m grateful I didn’t ditch out early. And I’m grateful to have had the $20 to buy a signed copy of the book tonight! My reward for a job completed.

Night all. LOVES




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