8 Mar

This blog tonight isn’t in its normal format. But it’s all good! Sometimes you gotta be a bit different.  

“What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you said you were grateful for today?”

This came to mind today as someone from the church was delivering a food order. It filled my kitchen with yummy nutritious food. Now I can use what little grocery money I have to buy those things that I need that weren’t delivered. I’m very grateful for the church, the gentleman that drove across town and picked it up and delivered it to me.

I’m grateful to have a warm and cozy bed with clean sheets, a quilt that I’ve made with my own 2 hands, inside a home that has a roof and walls that keeps us safe a dry. I’m grateful for electricity and running, clean, hot and cold water. I’m grateful for flush toilets because outhouses aren’t lots of fun.

I’m grateful for my children and their extended families that bring joy and happiness to my life. I saw my youngest grandson today and was able to visit my neighbor with him.

I’m grateful to be clean and sober for over 7 years. I’m grateful to be cleaning up the wreckage of my past and making a living amends to those I’ve wronged. Somethings are just impossible to go back and fix, so you get to make amends by never doing that wrong again.

I’m grateful to be sitting here next to my youngest, listening to music while as he falls asleep in MY home because there have been times in my past that it was impossible for him to do so. I’m grateful that my older sons are active members in my life because they didn’t always want to see me.

I’m grateful to be blessed with so many things that make my life comfortable, easier, enjoyable and complete. I know there are many more things, and I hope that the Powers That Be decide that my intent is good because my exact list is, and can never be, complete and finished. There will ALWAYS be things to add!

Night all. LOVES


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