7 Mar

My youngest spent this past weekend with his father. I just got home from going to get him and I’m not a happy camper.

Babydaddy called me yesterday afternoon to tell me that it was snowing there and they didn’t know if they would be able to bring him home because they have crappy tires. He calls me at 3am saying that there’s a couple of inches already on the ground and it’s still snowing so they wouldn’t be in until later this morning. So my son missed school this morning, but he should be in town to make it by lunchtime. It’ll be okay.

At 9, I got another phone call saying the weatherdude is saying there’s snow between there and here and it will be still later in the day.

At noon, the phone call says that it’s still nasty driving and it will be morning because the girlfriend doesn’t like driving in the dark at night. But she’ll drive in the dark in the morning? (I have no clue?!)

An hour later, the phone call says that they have an appointment Tuesday and it will be Wednesday before he gets home. Unless someone wants to come get him. Babydaddy will pay gas!

So I get one of my older kids to agree to drive 4 hours down to the middle of the state to get their brother. But they have to wait to leave until after they get an oil change. Okay. I figured it’s all good.

Except, it gets later and later and later. Still waiting. Finally everything is ready to go, but can I go with the girlfriend because the son was tired. So we get in and go. We get the oil change. I drool over the young guy doing the oil change.

We have a mostly good time driving until we’re almost there and she starts getting an upset stomach. We pull over and she loses her dinner. The trip starts going downhill from there. She’s miserable. I’m getting annoyed because this major snowstorm that kept Babydaddy from bringing the boy home is unseen! It’s raining! And not even everywhere! Mostly scattered heavy showers.

When we get to Babydaddy’s, they are sitting on the couch watching wrestling! I think THAT’S why he didn’t want to drive to Portland after dark! He would miss his wrestling! So we had to drive there, drive back, get sick, be overtired, and it’s almost 1am and the boy is STILL AWAKE! He slept part of the trip, but we had to wake him up to get him into the house. So he’s up!

Babydaddy doesn’t pay child support because he lives so far away and it’s his responsibility to transport for visitation. But, this is NOT the first time I’ve had to go rescue my child to get him back. And it always costs me around $75. Gas and food both ways. I’m not mad at the children with the car, I AM really annoyed with my child’s father. Lots of prayers for him ahead.

  • I’m grateful to have my child home from his dad’s. I’m grateful to my daughter-in-law for driving so far in the dark while she wasn’t feeling good. I’m grateful I haven’t strangled anyone today. And an extra because I need it today. I’m grateful to know that I’m NOT too old to think a guy is cute!

Night all. LOVES


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