Dream stories

4 Mar

*I started this post way early this morning around 4 am when I woke up from this dream. I started writing so I wouldn’t forget. Then finished the gratitude part this evening.*

Just woke up to a really interesting dream. We (me and lots of people I know) were at an amusement complex. There was all sorts of things to do. The night we were there, this woman I didn’t know we’ll decided she wanted the property and was willing to force us off. So they were shooting fireworks at us. Now my side decided we were going to protect our turf and fight back. And keep all the kids safe. So we started developing plan to accomplish this. I knew that the woman was going to actually hurt or kill us because that would cause an investigation and tie up bureaucracy for years and she wouldn’t be able to develop the property. So WE had the advantage. We also weren’t afraid to hurt, maim or kill her side because we would LOVE to have as many investigations and red tape as possible. We set up a plan. We had all the attractions and games and concession stands. We had weapons. We just needed to get one person out to get to the authorities.

So we proceeded to fight. And I noticed that my idea of her not wanting to actually hurt us was correct. All their shots were overhead or deliberately wide. I knew right then and there that we would win.

So we had fought our way to the fence line. And we were working on a way to get someone out without being seen. Because while she wouldn’t hurt us, she would detain us and terrorize us into giving up, volunteering to leave peacefully so she could start her development.

We were just about to send our adventurer off to the authorities when we saw her and her judgment come to the little park were we were to reload and regroup Because they hadn’t expected resistance.

We worked on getting our person out past the bad guys and we didn’t notice that all the kids saw her. And they walked over to where she was. They just wanted to see what she was doing. The kids aggravated her so much, that she started to shake the little girl. I walked up to her with my hands up so she would know that I wasn’t going to hurt her and ask for the little girl. I said I would make sure she got out of the way and wouldn’t be a bother anymore.

I then told the lady that there was no way she could win. If she hurt or killed one of us, she would never get the property developed because of litigation and red tape. And I told her that we would never give up fighting for what we felt was right. And that we didn’t care if we hurt or maimed one of her flunkies. She just hung her head in defeat and started to walk off.

AND THEN I WOKE UP!!! How messed up is that? I got right to the end of the conflict and I didn’t get to enjoy the victory. So NOT fair. And not a very well thought out dream either. Maybe I just didn’t remember it well when I woke up? Maybe I’ll get to celebrate tonight? Have to wait and see.

  • I’m grateful to remember even a part if my dream long enough to write it down. I usually don’t. Grateful to hang with my grandson, Flynn today. Grateful to get half of what was owed to me. More bills to be paid!

Night all. LOVES


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