Adventures in a Taurus

3 Mar

It’s been an all day adventure today. I had a therapy appointment this morning. Then we went to Freddy’s for some tp and something for dinner. Annie’s mac and cheese were in sale for 10/$10. Score! On the way home, I decided to go ahead and get the stuff for my hair. I’m now a dirty strawberry blonde. I’ll add color back tomorrow. I got purple and bluish-green. I think it’s going to be great!

While we were driving from spot to spot, I was yelling hello and goodbye to random strangers as I waved to them. The windows were down because it was WARM AND SUNNY! Didn’t last long. It’s raining tonight.

I was also more outgoing in the stores by talking to people and just being goofy. This evening, I made a bowling alley for my son’s little brother with some plastic bottles and a giant rubber ball. Yes, his dad and family are here again this week. I’m just really, really up.

I’m not sure I will be getting sleep tonight. I know I didn’t nap today and I’m not tired now. I hope it’s just Spring and I’m NOT going into a manic phase. I know that I’m feeling different today. Maybe bleaching and dyeing my hair has lots to do with it. Just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

  • I’m grateful for an adventure today. It was fun. Especially when I made my partner in crime blush. I’m grateful to be doing my hair. If I could figure out how to add pictures, I’ll post before and after pictures tomorrow. I’m grateful that I jumped into this hair dyeing experience with both feet. I’m hoping it’s as good as I envision.

Night all. LOVES


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