28 Feb

I’m always saying that my son teaches me patience because he makes me learn to use it almost every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. I have to say, today has been PhD level learning day.

It started with him NOT wanting to get up today. Which is actually a normal occurrence. He never likes to get up in the morning. But it’s still makes every morning start on a frustrating note. Then it’s the end of the month so my cupboards are pretty bare. Between getting up late and nothing good in the cupboard, he has to eat breakfast at school. Not his favorite. THEY don’t care that he’s picky. It’s either eat it or go hungry.

While waiting for the bus, he likes to watch YouTube or Netflix. This morning his phone wouldn’t work. Come to find out, he had let a friend at school sign into his device and the friend had changed his password. Because we didn’t have the new password, my son’s phone wouldn’t let anything google related work. So NOT only is his phone out of commission, he is in deep trouble because he let someone else use his phone. He decided he wasn’t talking today.

Today is also the second time he is working with a new care provider(someone who hangs out and helps him). Because he isn’t talking, it’s really hard to get him to work with this new lady. He’s frustrated, she’s frustrated, and I’m frustrated.

She is very good at being consistent with him though. By an hour into their time together, she’s got him talking to her and doing what they need to be doing. It’s awesome.

Because she has him doing something else, it gave me time to look at his phone and I was able to fix it without factory resetting the phone. I just needed more patience.

Even when we are ready to kill each other, if we have a little more patience with each other and take a little time to stop and calm ourselves, we can usually work out all our differences.

  • Today I’m grateful to have patience when I truly need it. I’m grateful I didn’t have to factory reset my son’s phone. I’m grateful for the people who help me with my child. Sometimes have those few moments alone can help save my sanity.

Night all. LOVES


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