End of the month onion soup

27 Feb

Today is a recipe day. I usually do soup near the end of the month because the cupboards look like Old Mother Hubbard’s. Because my child isn’t home tonight, I’m making beef and onion noodle soup.

I started with a whole onion cut in thin slices. Then in a pan with some olive oil and canola oil, about a tablespoon all together, over low heat, I added the onions. Seasoned with salt and pepper and just let them hang out for a while. I would watch a YouTube video and then stir them(5-10 minutes). It took FOREVER! Almost an hour. When they were melt soft and starting to change color, and I was really hungry and not wanting to wait anymore, I added some garlic powder, dried Italian seasoning, some sriracha, and a can of Deseret beef chunks(church food pantry). Raised the heat to medium and brought it up to a boil. Added the packet and noodles from a ramen package. Turned the heat off and let it sit long enough to write this. My house smells amazing. And my tummy is rumbling so I’m going to eat.

I had to come back and edit it to tell you it’s really delicious!

  • Today I’m grateful to have the bare minimum to make something that smells so appetizing. I’m grateful my son who hates onions isn’t here so I can eat them without hiding them from him. I’m grateful that payday is in 3 days. How come the shortest month seems like the longest to get through.

Night all. LOVES


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