In case of emergency

25 Feb

I was talking to one of my kids the other day about what happens if there’s an emergency. Fire, flood, earthquake, the country getting bombed, etc…

We came up with some ideas. I have water stored all over my kitchen area. Every time we empty a milk bottle, I rinse it really well, sterilize it with a bleach rinse and fill it with clean tap water(a benefit of Portland Oregon water district is amazing water!), and put the bottle under one of my heavy tables. I have one that is a metal frame and one that is a solid oak frame.

I also have some freeze-dried meals under there. Not as many as I would like though. It’s hard to set up food storage when you are eating it every month. Such is life. Even an extra can of veggies is better than nothing.

I have 2 flashlights that don’t need just batteries to work. One is strictly a windup and the other is a weather radio/phone charger/windup/solar/USB/battery job that was my Christmas present this last year. It’s even little enough to carry with me when I need it.

I have a small first aid kit. But I know I need to do better keeping it put together. Probably need one to store and a DIFFERENT one to use now. Or quit being accident prone.

I was joking(maybe) that if something big happened, I was going to steal a car and go to my dad’s in Idaho. Mostly because I really don’t want to be stuck in a population center in the apocalypse. Too many people means no food; they will eat YOU! Or just kill you to cut down on needing to share resources. Maybe I need to work on a better plan?

I have all our important phone numbers written on the wall by the door, but really, if my phone doesn’t work, I’m screwed. I can’t remember to take my meds on time, I ain’t remembering a phone number. The only one I DO remember is my mom’s. And that doesn’t count anymore.

So what are you going to do just in case? How are you prepared? What do you do that is good? What do you need to work on?

  • I’m grateful that I have an up to date emergency contact list at my son’s school. It made it easy to get him home today when he was sick. I’m grateful that I’m thinking about being prepared. I need to do a better job though. I’m grateful to be willing to learn so I can take care of my family in the event of a crisis.

Night all. LOVES


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