I think I’m in trouble…

22 Feb

Last week, my ex and his new family stayed here so he could be here for our son’s big game and to get some parenting time in. I was able to go to a couple of meetings and an appointment without worrying about a babysitter or taking my son with me. It was nice.

They left Sunday morning and I thought all was great. But now he’s calling me to “just check-in” and proceeds to tell me all about how much the current girlfriend and him are fighting and why they are fighting.

Yes, I know, for about 5 seconds last week, I had a random thought that I could get him back if I really wanted to. BUT I DON’T REALLY WANT TO! I’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt. I don’t think the thought was so much about him as it was about me being wanted. No, I didn’t say anything to him. I don’t  think I even acted anyway to hint at it.

So why now is he wanting my advice on how and what to do to fix his girlfriend issues? I don’t want to be involved. I have to do some more thinking about it.

  • Today I’m grateful that tp is a good substitute for tissues to blow my nose. It’s been dripping all day. I’m grateful for flavor enhancer for water because it makes it easier to get more water in me. I’m grateful for that little red button on my phone that says I can’t answer right now. It’s been useful today.

Night all. LOVES


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