21 Feb

Today is President’s day. I remember when we had Washington’s birthday and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. And they didn’t always land on Mondays. When did it become mandatory for holidays to be on Monday? And how come we don’t have the holidays we used to. Where’s Arbor day? Or Flag day? Armed Forces Day? Or any number that I can’t remember at the moment. I think that’s the problem. Nobody remembers.

My son asked me why today was a holiday and I couldn’t remember the exact reason. I told him it was to remember  Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays. And I told him that McDonald’s used to have cherry pies for the holiday. So I’m just perpetuating the same thing that I’m talking about now.

The sad thing is, I won’t remember tomorrow to look up why President’s Day is a holiday to explain it to my child. And he won’t listen anyway because the day has come and gone. Maybe I’ll be a better parent next holiday. I hope.

  • I’m grateful to see my grandkids today. I’m grateful for Tylenol because I have a killer headache again today. I’m grateful I can go back to sleep soon. Yeppers, I’m sick again and sleeping lots.

Night all. LOVES


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