Soothing the savage beast

14 Feb

Someone once told me that the type of music you listen to can alter your mood. I totally believe that. I like one kind if music when I’m angry. Usually bagpipes and drums really, really loud! I like folk music and classic rock and roll when I’m trying to find my center. I use lullabies and orchestral when I’m trying  to sooth myself and put my child to sleep.

I have Pandora on my phone and I’ve been listening to it frequently the last few days. I have it on the shuffle setting so I get bits and pieces of everything that I like. But for some reason, it’s not sitting right with me today. I’m going to have to find something else. What do you like to listen to when your trying to lift your soul?

  • I’m grateful for having music in my life. I’m grateful for  the peace I usually get from music. I’m  grateful to know that if something isn’t working I need to change it.

Night all. LOVES


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