Comfort food

12 Feb

Tonight for dinner I made some tomato rice soup. It’s really easy. I took a cab of tomato soup, a can of great northern beans, a can of beef chunks and a half a cup of minute rice and brought it all up to a simmer with some garlic powder, dried onion and pepper. Then divided it between the two of us.

Carson also helped me make dessert. We took a giant can of pears and cut them up and put them in a pan with the juice. Sprinkled a yellow cake mix over it and a stick of butter cut in little cubes. Bake it for 35-45 minutes at 350.

I know both of these recipes are super easy, but sometimes life just screams for easy. It’s been screaming really loudly lately.

I’m wondering if it’s just that time of year because when I go back to look over my posts on Facebook from a year ago, I seem to be in a similar mood. I can’t think of any event that’s triggering me, so I don’t think it’s PAWS?(Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms) It’s when something happens and your body remembers it and reacts. But something is definitely going on. Maybe it’s just the midwinter blues?

I do know that when its run its course, it will be better and I hopefully will feel less depressed. I just wish it would hurry.

  • I’m grateful for yumminess in my tummy. I’m grateful to know that there IS an end. I’m grateful for things that bring comfort to me.

Night all. LOVES


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