Friday night

11 Feb

It’s Friday night and my son and I are relaxing and watching YouTube. Friday night has been our “movie night” for a really long time. We don’t watch the same thing very often, but I still feel a connection between us as we sit here next to each other.

I remember the first weekend he came to visit when he was in foster care and we watched a movie on one of those portable DVD players. I was still in inpatient treatment. I don’t remember what movie it was but I think it was a cartoon.

I remember one time we put out the hide-a-bed and watched Rocky and Bullwinkle while eating popcorn. Yes, in bed. THAT didn’t happen again. I decided I really hate crumbs in my bed.

I don’t remember if we had movie night before I went to treatment. I don’t remember much of what I did with my kids that last winter. I remember spending lots of time in the bathroom getting high. I feel guilty for not having many good memories of that time 8 years ago. I suppose I should be grateful I don’t have many bad memories either. I don’t remember much at all.

  • I’m grateful that we’re together even if it doesn’t seem like it. I’m grateful to be making new memories all the time. I’m grateful I had an opportunity to start over all those years ago.

Night all. LOVES


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