What if?

10 Feb

Today is a story day. Wish me luck.

Once I had a friend who was dying from cancer. It was getting very near the end. He was wanting to quit with the treatment that wasn’t working anyway. His partner kept telling him, “But, if you loved me, you would fight to stay with me.” One day, during one of their disagreements, an elderly woman stepped up and said, “Forgive me for butting in here. I’m going to add my two cents to the argument.” she looked at one and asks why won’t you let him go. The partner said she was afraid to be left behind. She asked the other why he didn’t want to fight. And he said that he was tired of fighting a losing battle and he wanted to enjoy what time they had left.  The elderly woman agreed both were good arguments.”Why not for today, switch sides.” she said. 

So the next day, the man came up with reasons to stay and fight. And his partner came up with reasons to quit fighting treatment. 

When they saw the lady again, she asked how it was going. They told her that they were not arguing anymore because they had seen how difficult the decisions each had been taking and realized it wasn’t as easy as it had seemed before. 

The lady told them that she was happy that they had figured it out. There are always two sides to every argument and you need to see both sides to be an effective advocate for either. That’s why the best debaters learned arguments for both sides of the issue.

The moral of the story is the other side may be just as right as you are. You could also be just as wrong as they are.

  • Today I’m grateful for the ability to see there isn’t always one simple solution to a problem. I’m grateful to be willing to find other solutions. I’m grateful for empathy.

Night all. LOVES


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